Did Jesus fail to communicate His message?

by F. L. Anderson

Recently, a well known Christian media consultant wrote an article entitled "The Sweet Spot of Sharing the Christian Message." 

Please understand that I am not trying to "nit-pick" his article. It's just that there are glaring statements in this article that keep tugging at me. If you are a bible teacher, you can relate to this.

In his article, he begins with how Christians are criticized for how we share the "Christian message with the outside culture". He writes, "Some are criticized for making it too easy - "On the other side those who preach a more serious message."

Then, he says this, "no matter how great your message, if no one’s listening, you’ve failed." Now, this sounds good however, there is a flaw in this statement. This is just one area of his article where I respectfully disagree. Someone is always listening and a planted seed sometimes takes a while to germinate.

Change Takes Action

by F. L. Anderson

I heard a quote on the radio from a well known furniture store owner here, in Houston. It had to do with bettering one's self. "Change the environment, change the brain, change the behavior." As I meditated on this, it dawned on me that you can find this same wisdom throughout the Bible.

  • Change the environment: Paul tells us to "come out from among them and separate yourselves from them." In other words, change who you're hanging around. Associate yourself with those who love truth. Attach yourself to people of light.

  • Change the brain: Paul again, tells us to "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind."

  • Change your behavior: "Put on your new nature, created to be like God—truly righteous and holy."

For things to change, somebody, somewhere has to start behaving differently. Acting differently, starts with action. #iTEACH

Jesus! Gift Wrapped with a Bow

by F. L. Anderson

Throughout history, God (the father) has been known by many names: Elohim, El Shaddai, Yahweh and many others. Sure, some are more popular than others and have many meanings. However, why shoot with a hand gun when a shot gun is available? Why wound the enemy (devil), when you can use "That Name" and take the enemy out?

Some get excited and swept into a frenzy when they hear all the various names for God in a sermon. I guess that's ok, if that's what you need to be moved. As for me, I just like to keep it simple. I just use the name Jesus. When I'm glad...Jesus. When I hurt...Jesus. When I'm upset...Jesus. When I hit my finger with a hammer, I don't say "ouch!"