Repentance: 5 facts you should know

by F. L. Anderson

Repentance is a beautiful trait of any man or woman. Strive to master it, and you will experience a fresh and invigorating joy.
Before Jesus can build in our lives, He must first clear away all debris. Before a new beginning, the old must be removed. When we truly repent, we change our mind, our attitude, and purpose. We turn around on the inside!

Here are 5 facts you should know about repentance:

Moderation: A forgotten characteristic of the church

by F. L. Anderson

Many times the answers to all of our questions are right in front of us, but because many of God’s people are not trained or taught properly how to use what God has already given us: His examples, His pattern, and His Word. Rather than the flawed knowledge of man, cultural traditions, and silly superstitions, the Church is deceived and the only people who tend to see the deception are those who are outside the church.

There are many things that the Church today has forgotten, especially here in America. However the one important characteristic that has really gotten a lot of church leaders in trouble is the character of moderation.

The clever lies they tell to get hold of your money

by F. L. Anderson

In their greed they will make up clever lies to get hold of your money. 2 Peter 2:3 NLT.
Someone asked me why I wrote 'Clever Lies and Assumptions'. Whenever I'm asked this question, I respond with, "did you read the book?" Their response is always "No". I respectfully say to them, the answer to your question is in the book.

Although 'Clever Lies and Assumptions' was published in 2009, I am still getting positive responses from believers, including church leaders. Many have told me that they were not only informed after reading my book, but convicted as well. This is why I am excited about the upcoming documentary entitled, "Black Church Inc."