July 26, 2015

Three Things That Define a Jesus Disciple

by F. L. Anderson

Today, discipleship is a subject no longer studied. It has simply become another category for church groups to display on their websites and thrown around in seminars. 

However, when the lifestyle of today's "Christians" are placed alongside the lifestyle of Jesus and the lifestyle he prescribed for us, a huge difference can be seen.

Many see discipleship as the act of leading someone to Jesus. However, discipleship never ends. It is the process of learning to be Jesus-like. It is that same process that Peter spoke of in Mark 10:28.

July 20, 2015

Dr. Luke: What he made possible, what he witnessed and what he knew

by F. L. Anderson

As a cadet in my high school's NJROTC, the one thing that I learned that is still true today, is that some of the most effective leaders are the one's behind the scene.

God always places special people behind the scenes. These individuals play a huge role in the success of any organization, including the church. 

They lead without being seen by man; without saying a word. They don’t need to be seen or out in front, yet many times, what they do has the greatest affect on the church as a whole.

Did you know that Dr. Luke wrote roughly 27% of the NT? (The book of Luke, and the book of Acts)

July 14, 2015

What Does an Underground Church in America Look Like?

by F. L. Anderson

I had no intentions in writing anything about underground church of any kind. However, after the SCOTUS decision on June 26, as I was driving from a customer's place of work, I felt moved to write the first post

Just a few days later, while in the shower, I believe the Lord dropped the second blog post in my spirit. My wife is my witness, once I began to write these blog posts, I couldn't stop.

After the second post, I thought that was it. Then, I was moved again to go back and read "No Longer Church as Usual", by Tim Kurtz. After reading his book once more, I knew I wanted to write this third post.

July 11, 2015

What Does it Mean to be an Underground Church in America?

by F. L. Anderson

In December of 2011, J. D. Longstreet did an interview with the Christian Post. In that article, he said this: "Christian churches in America will soon be forced to go underground if they want to stay true to their beliefs and to God."

This post you're reading now is a follow up to my last post Is it time for the Christian Church to go underground? 

I felt moved to write this post, because I strongly believe this is where the church is headed.