Short of Calling Christians Stupid

by F. L. Anderson

In Genesis 6:6, God "repented" that he ever made man. Repent, means to have a change of mind. This statement by our Creator says a lot. 

In Luke's account of the life of Jesus, he mentions that our Lord said, "For the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light."  (Light meaning believers) Luke 16:6 

Both of these statements tell a story about "believers". I used to wonder why our Lord would say these things. Having been in ministry for sometime, I now know. 

The Bible says that, "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” I have discovered that believers don't want the truth. When faced with the truth, you are forced to accept responsibility. Too many believers don't want this either.

My Black History Reading Recommendations

by F. L. Anderson

Although I am a history buff, including the history of black people in early America, I'm not a big advocate of "Black History Month". I believe our history should be taught everyday and integrated in everyday life as often as American history. 

Note to baby boomers. The 60's are over. Black history did not start or end with your generation. 

I was looking at my library of Black literature and thought, I have never listed a Black history reading recommendation on my blog. So, here's my short list.

No One Seems to Want to Solve the Problem

by F. L. Anderson

Saw this article in Charisma News. "Can We Stop the 70 Percent of Young Adults Who Drop Out of Church?" When I saw this I thought, ok, maybe someone has some new insight into what's going on. So, I began to read it. It didn't take long for me to figure out that this was just another attempt to promote another book tour, disguised as helping young adults. It quotes a lot of stats from the Barna Group without giving them credit. And, like the Passion conferences, is another attempt to take advantage of an issue and target market, to make money and build personal reputations. "Let no crisis go to waste"?

Six Issues the Black Church Doesn't Care About

by F. L. Anderson

While the black church is still naming and claiming, the Church as a whole is in crisis. While so many black church leaders are focused on personal kingdom building, and too busy competing for numbers and dollars, the vast majority can't hear the knocks at the door. They are asleep. Many are self-absorbed, insecure and drunk on their own vanity.

For the last four years, I have been sharing startling information with black church leaders about the state of the Black church, their response is always the same... nothing. It's sad but true.  There are a lot of issues in the Church as a whole, however, here is the short list of issues the Black Church doesn't seem to care about: