Hey Christians,...Can we pass over Passover and not Jesus?

by F. L. Anderson

I am amazed at how little Christians know of the purpose and significance of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus! Because of this ignorance, so many spend so much time living and loving Jewish Law.

When I see how much time, energy and money Gentiles spend on celebrating Jewish traditions I think, did Jesus die in vain? His new covenant, does it mean anything? Really?

When the scriptures talk about blessing Israel, it doesn't mean living and loving the old covenant.

7 Reasons To Do Small Group Ministry

In 2012 Steve Gladen wrote "Fellowship is a Verb". It's a great articles on the effectiveness and benefits of Small Group Ministry. I just wrote a better title for the article. 

Throughout the history of the church, small groups have played a vital role. From the time of Jesus to today, these values have changed countless lives and helped the church to grow and reach thousands, while at the same time give the closeness of a well-knitted community. Here are 7 reasons to do small group ministry: