May 16, 2017

5 Ways Your Gift Calling and Ministry Can Meet a Need and Solve a Problem

Too many Christians have the mindset that ministry is one dimensional and can only be expressed on Sunday, or in a religious setting. They tend to under-appreciate God’s interest in using the talents, skills, and interests He gave us, to pursue His kingdom in a variety of ways.

May 11, 2017

WATCH: Why You Should Do Ministry Differently

TheSESSIONTM is here.

Here's a sneak peek at the first episode of TheSESSIONTM. In this first episode I share why you should do ministry differently.

May 2, 2017

Taking Your Ministry Beyond the 4 Walls

This is an invitation to you, to sit in on TheSESSIONTM, my virtual classroom and ministry coaching sessions.

In My virtual mentoring and coaching sessions, I'll be sharing the following:

April 25, 2017

The 3 Blind Spots of Ministry

Remember the old nursery rhyme, ”Three Blind Mice"? Let me introduce you to three blind spots. These are some of the hidden, unhealthy elements and patterns that can be dangerous to any ministry.

April 18, 2017

Activities and 3 Other Things Discipleship is Not

Over the years, many have come to confuse discipleship with having or participating in activities. Of course, there's nothing wrong with activities, but activities alone don't equal discipleship.

April 10, 2017

Ministry in the iPhone Age: 12 Things I've Learned

Ministry has never been easy but, if you ask any ministry leader who's been at it for at least ten years, they will all tell you that it's harder than ever.

In the twenty first century, Christian ministry has taken on a whole new dynamic. How we were taught to do ministry used to work. Not anymore.

April 3, 2017

Why Discipline is Important in the Defense of your Calling

Showing a controlled form of behavior or way of working, is called discipline. It is a must for any leader, or anyone seeking to accomplish a worthwhile goal.

I love how Andy Andrews' defines discipline:

March 30, 2017

WATCH: Influencing Change in Ministry: Here's what this means

Ministry can be hard. But it's so much better when you take the journey together. I really believe God has given you everything you need to succeed in your ministry and  life's mission. It's just that sometimes, you need a friend to help you see what you can't see, and encourage you to do what you're called to do. We're in this together.

March 15, 2017

Why You Should Rethink What You Believe Discipleship Is

According to the latest Barna Group studyChristians don't do discipleship very well.

The dramatic decline in discipleship today, I believe, is because of what many have been taught and believe discipleship is.

March 6, 2017

Why You Should Say Yes When Asked if You've Been Called to Ministry

As I was ministering to a high achieving entrepreneur who understands what ministry is, it occurred to me that many people do not, including ministry leaders.