4 Lessons Learned from Paul's Beat Down

by F. L. Anderson

The very people Paul hoped to pacify in Acts 21, were provoked by his conformity.

Paul understood that Old Testament law has no relevance for salvation ( See: Acts 13:38-39; 15:10-11, Galatians ch. 3 and ch. 4) The interesting thing about Acts 21, is that Paul actually agreed to go along with the request of James, the half brother of Jesus, and the other elders. I could ask, why Paul agreed to something he himself didn't teach, or agree with, but, then I would have to answer this question and that would take more than one blog post. However, there is a lesson in this.

Kenneth Lawrence Bates...One last message

by F. L. Anderson

1969 - 2014
Lost a family member this morning. He and I were 1st cousins but when we were just little boys, we were like brothers. Born in the same month, and a day apart. Me on October 7th and he on October 8th. Baptized on the same day, we even shared the same middle name.

He was a drummer self taught. Just picked up the drum sticks one day and never stopped drumming. Yes, he loved the drums, and was very, very good on them. When we were just little kids I used to envy his ability to play those drums. When we were teens he once told me that when he's on the drums, he forgets about the problems and issues of life. "Man, I'm in another world." He said with that enduring laugh that would make me laugh.

Did Jesus fail to communicate His message?

by F. L. Anderson

Recently, a well known Christian media consultant wrote an article entitled "The Sweet Spot of Sharing the Christian Message." 

Please understand that I am not trying to "nit-pick" his article. It's just that there are glaring statements in this article that keep tugging at me. If you are a bible teacher, you can relate to this.

In his article, he begins with how Christians are criticized for how we share the "Christian message with the outside culture". He writes, "Some are criticized for making it too easy - "On the other side those who preach a more serious message."

Then, he says this, "no matter how great your message, if no one’s listening, you’ve failed." Now, this sounds good however, there is a flaw in this statement. This is just one area of his article where I respectfully disagree. Someone is always listening and a planted seed sometimes takes a while to germinate.