Gift Wrapped with a Bow

by F. L. Anderson

Throughout history, God (the father) has been known by many names: Elohim, El Shaddai, Yahweh and many others. Sure, some are more popular than others and have many meanings. However, why shoot with a hand gun when a shot gun is available? Why wound the enemy (devil), when you can use "That Name" and take the enemy out?

Some get excited and swept into a frenzy when they hear all the various names for God in a sermon. I guess that's ok, if that's what you need to be moved. As for me, I just like to keep it simple. I just use the name Jesus. When I'm glad...Jesus. When I hurt...Jesus. When I'm upset...Jesus. When I hit my finger with a hammer, I don't say "ouch!"

Images and Impressions

by F. L. Anderson

Images: Every year, thousands of people audition for the Fox show, 'American Idol'.

Impressions: Hundreds of millions of people witness the judges telling them the harsh truth - that grandma was wrong, they really can't sing!

A sportscaster that I have great respect for has a saying, "We live in a world of images and impressions". After hearing him say this again on a radio broadcast this week, it occurred to me that Jesus said the same thing, but in a different way. 

Here are three things Jesus had to say about the matter: