October 03, 2015

How Many Millennials Attend Your Church? Here are 4 posts that say not many

In 2012, the Barna Group found that almost 60 percent of Christian young people ages 15 to 29 have distanced themselves from active involvement in traditional church fellowship.

In a recent article, the Barna Group asked the following questions:
  • Why, even among those who grew up in church, have nearly six in ten dropped out at some point? 
  • Why have more than half been absent from church for the past six months? 
  • Why do three in ten Millennials say church is not at all important while an additional four in ten feel ambivalent, saying church is either somewhat important or somewhat not important?
Millennials are the generation with a “Yes We Can!” attitude. Yes, we can change the established systems. They have also been called many things from lazy to soft on sin.

September 27, 2015

Social Media and Church Leaders: 3 Post You Should Read

The body of Christ is living in an age of tremendous missional and evangelistic opportunity. 

In this era of social media, the gospel can travel further and faster than ever before. There hasn’t been a culture-shifting communication tool this powerful since the printing press.

Do you realize that it has only been about fourteen years since YouTube, Facebook and twitter have been around? Its only been less than twenty years since the arrival of blogs.

We now have easy access to information in a way we never have had before.

September 20, 2015

7 Kinds of People You Should Never Let in Your Inner Circle

As we are becoming leaders, there are some things you learn instantly, and others you learn as you go.

There are leaders you can watch and learn from and some times you will learn through trial and error. 
Leadership is a process.

Over the years and through much experience I can tell you that there are people in leadership positions that are limited in their leadership potential. They can only take you so far and when they have taken you as far as their limitations allow, you're left with finding someone to take you the rest of the way.

September 13, 2015

How End Times Forecasters Are Hurting The Faith With Fear

With all of the current events around the world making news, like vultures, the end times forecasters are circling and wasting no opportunity to do what they do best, promoting fear.

From ISIS to gay marriage they have a prophecy and a book to sale.

What has been forgotten or all together ignored is that traumatic world events have happened since the beginning of time. Both biblically and otherwise. As one writer puts it, "we're just more aware now because of the advent of the Internet and social media."

It is 2015 and nothing has changed. There is nothing new under the sun.