July 26, 2015

3 Things That Define a Jesus Disciple

Today, discipleship is a subject no longer studied. It has simply become another category for church groups to display on their websites and thrown around in seminars. When the lifestyle of today's "Christians" are placed alongside the lifestyle of Jesus and the lifestyle he prescribed for us, a huge difference can be seen.

Many see discipleship as the act of leading someone to Jesus. However, discipleship never ends. It is the process of learning to be Jesus-like. It is that same process that Peter spoke of in Mark 10:28.

The word disciple holds great significance in the New Testament. It is mentioned 269 times, compared to only 3 times for the word Christian, and only twice for the word believers. 

The task of the church body is to make disciples, rather than "Christians" and "believers".

According to Jesus' conditions of discipleship in Luke 14:25-33, not all believers are disciples.

Here are three things that define a Jesus disciple:

  1. The word disciple means "a learner". Jesus compressed into this word a wealth of profound meanings.

  2. A disciple is not just a learner, but one who accepts the teachings of Jesus in both their belief as well as in lifestyle.

  3. Being a disciple involves acceptance of the views and practices of the teacher. In other words, it means learning with the purpose to obey what is learned. Deliberate choice, definite denial, and determined obedience.
When we view discipleship as short term, and believe it to be "easy believism", we soon become like those mentioned in John 6:66.

There is no such thing as short-term discipleship, it is a life long walk. 

It is one thing to talk about what a disciple is, it is another to live it out everyday.

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