I am contacted often by leaders, male and female, for guidance, prayer and encouragement. These individuals lead, or are a part of ministries of various kinds. 

They're leaders seeking input from someone who understands the issues of our times, and the affects they have on the expression, function and operation of ministry today. 

They're leaders looking to do ministry differently and outside the lens, culture and limits of what has been taught in the past, and believed to be ministry. 

They want to do ministry as Jesus intended; beyond the four walls.

With this in mind, I've created 

This is an invitation to you, to sit in on TheSESSIONTM, my virtual classroom featuring my audio and video ministry coaching sessions.

Here's what you'll get when you sit in on TheSESSIONTM :
  • ACTIONABLE content, resources and solutions that you can apply to your life and ministry right now.

  • How to express you gifts, calling and ministry as God intended.

  • Information on the changing landscape of ministry.

  • Help with visualizing what ministry looks like today, and how to approach it.

  • Why your ministry is more than just spiritual, but also practical and more.

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My virtual classroom featuring 
my audio and video coaching sessions 
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